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What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Online tutoring is every bit as effective as face to face tutoring if not more so. I often get asked how online tutoring compares to the more traditional face to face tutoring. I've taught both and this is what I have noticed:


  • No more travelling: Students don't need to travel, the tutor doesn't need to travel. Students are working from the comfort, safety and convenience of their own home. 

  • Flexibility: Lessons can take place at any time. No more having to fit a lesson in to a busy parent's schedule. We can even continue tutoring when you are on holiday/away from home. All you need is a computer or tablet and an internet connection.

  • More interactive: Easy use of online resources, videos and images makes lessons more accessible, interactive and adaptive to all student's learning styles. 

  • Private learning environment: No more potentially awkward first meetings for shy students. Many students find meeting somebody for the first time on a screen much less daunting than face to face. 

  • More relaxed: Students are comfortable and feel empowered with online tutoring. 

  • Tech savvy: Today's students are accustomed to an online world and are very comfortable with all the technology involved in online learning. 

  • Documented: The whole lesson can be saved as a pdf and even recorded if the student wishes.  

  • Health: No physical contact means no more spreading of germs and illnesses such as colds and flu   

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